Core Modules

Get to know more about Clara modules

13 main core modules that provide a way for Nurses and Doctors anesthetists to stay informed about
current literature and evidence-based knowledge.

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Patient’s Module

A secured account that enables the patient to access their medical information and receive a thorough summary of their health.

Documents Module

Lab results are securely stored in a document module. To obtain the results of the tests and X-rays, a document is transferred between the patient and the laboratory department.
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Diagnosis Module

Detailed section to diagnosis the patient’s test results
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Medication Module

The patient will examine the medication with the doses and schedules after the ailment has been diagnosed.
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Doctors who list their tasks make sure to update patient information

Admission log

Patients and Doctors have access to the admissions log history

Import & Export

Additionally to importing the necessary files from the patients’ side, all medical records, test results, and other data can be exported
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Patients have access to all payments and their associated due dates
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Online appointments for virtual consultations with the specialized doctor 
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Payment Gateway Integration

Secured payment method for the patients can pay online

Reporting Module

Generate reports through a list showing each patient’s journey inside the hospital
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E-prescription Integratio

Scheduling virtual visits with the specialized doctor online